Wayne Land 

Saxophone Artist

Saxophone  and Piano Teacher    

Tri-Cities, Wa

“Wayne is an excellent teacher. He has superb knowledge of his craft and makes lessons easily understood with explanations of 'why' and a lot of theory.” 


Richard S. - Alto Sax Student 



“Wayne is a very patient and knowledgeable saxophone instructor. He took the time to listen to my questions and concerns regarding my playing, and provided me with instant and constructive feedback that I can use moving forward. He knows how to communicate sax methods and techniques to students in a manner that is extremely helpful. Wayne was also very responsive with his online communication as well. Great instructor!” 


Richard B. - Soprano Sax Student 



“I contacted Mr. Wayne Land after I failed to connect with another teacher. Mr. Land and I took the challenge- for him to teach a new student unable to read or write music and for the student musically inclined and unafraid to try something new. It was a great lesson. ” 


Venky R. - Alto Sax Student